Berkshire Bowls Standing Puzzle and Decor: Materials


The wood that we use for all of our standing puzzles and decor is hardwood plywood.  "Plywood?", you say.  Yes.  After extensive testing, we found that solid wood like birch, maple, pine, etc. is prone to breaking along grain lines when dropped or used heavily.  That's not a wood you want to use on a precious memento.  Since plywood is constructed with each layer's grain running in opposite directions, it provides for extremely sturdy construction.  The plywood we use is no ordinary ply, though.  We only use furniture grade hardwood plywood.  This makes it even stronger by taking advantage of the qualities of hardwoods over normal pine. 

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "Isn't plywood made with formaldehyde based glue?".  Normal pine plywood is, however, we only use specially constructed plywood with no formaldehyde toxins in the glue or wood.  The adhesive used on our plywood is soy based and provides a healthy and safe wood.  In addition, we seal all surfaces of our standing puzzles and decor with shellac (see below) so none of the wood or glue is exposed.  That adds an additional layer of protection.


Our puzzles and decor are only painted with non-toxic, no lead, craft paints.  These are the same types of paints that you can find at your local department store or craft store.  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request.  To protect the paint and also seal it so it doesn't rub off, we coat each puzzle and decor item with shellac (see below).


All of our standing puzzles are finished on all surfaces with shellac.  Shellac is a natural excretion of the lac beetle.  In that sense, shellac is similar to bees wax, only more durable.  Once cured on the wood, shellac is a non-toxic and safe finish for kids toys and our puzzles.

What people are saying about Berkshire Bowls:

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- E.L., MA

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- S.H., CA

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